12 in a Year.

Words. Words. Words.
As part of my 2012 New Years Resolution I decided to read more. A book a month is my target... So far it's April and I'm on book number 7. So It's going more than good so far! Better than I can say for my other resolutions; lose weight, get fit, blaaah blaaah blaaah! I dont know why I stopped reading, getting busy with uni and life I guess. I'm so excited to be reading regularly again, I find my self making a cup of tea and getting into bed early just to read some more of a yummy book. For me reading is an escape from the real world. For a couple of hours I can become an entirely new person, in a new world. It's so therapeutic. I've been really into dystopian style books recently, after reading the Hunger Games trilogy is just under 2weeks! 

Heres what I've been filling my head with recently;

'When God was a Rabbit' - Sarah Winman * 'Hunger Games Trilogy' - Suzanne Collins * 'Uglies' - Scott Westerfield * 'Divergent' - Veronica Roth * 'Her fearful Symmetry' - Audrey Niffenegger (currently on Chapter 5 :) *