My dream New Years Eve Outfit.

My dream New Years Outfit 2012.
It's that time again, Christmas has been and gone, and we're getting ready to welcome the new year. For this important occasion I dreamed up my perfect outfit, shown in the image above. I'm going for a classically glamourous look, with an aim to beautifully understated, with bold red lips and sparkly shoes. 

However, unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees.... So This is just a dream. 

Black Shift Dress - Ralph Lauren 
Three Strand pear necklace - Astley Clarke 
Gold cage heels - Charlotte Rousse 
Gia Studded clutch - Michael Kors 
Iced Lotus Blush - Clinique

Wishing you all a lovely New Year and a very Happy 2013. 


The Body Shop - Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion - Review

The Body Shop - Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion

Following my previous post expressing my love for The Body Shop's winter collection I couldn't help myself from picking some of their products up in the sales. I've had my eye on the Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion since it first came out. If you like strong, rich Vanilla scents, like me, then this baby is for you. Infused with community fair trade shea butter, this lotion is a thin yet indulgent lotion, which is great for those Winter weather dry patches. The scent defiantly has some staying power, I've been sniffing my skin all day, looking like a man woman. 

The added bonus about this product is that it'scrammed full of tiny silver shimmers which illuminate your skin. Which might not be to everyone's taste, but for this time of year, I think I would look fab rubbed across your neck and shoulders at those new Years eve parties. Or rubbed all over your legs for irresistible and glamourous silky pins.

The perfect self indulgent gift, and only £4 in the sale! 

Juicy Couture - La Fluer - Rollerball, Lip gloss Duo - Review

 Juicy  Couture - Viva la Juicy La Fleur - Rollerball/lipgloss duo

I did a spot of sale shopping this morning and stumbled into Debenhams with the thought of picking up a few bargains, where this little delight caught my eye. I've never really paid much attention to Juicy Couture scents, except from admiring the gorgeous packaging, I'd never really smelt them. 

My eyes have now been opened and I'm in love. This handbag-sized duo wand contains two products, firstly a 5ml Perfume rollerball and secondly a 17fl oz lipgloss. Perfect for a touch of girlies on the go. 

Viva La Juicy - La Fleur is a deliciously playful and scandalous scent. With top notes of Wild Berries, Sparkling Mandarins and water lilly, on a base of caramel, creamy vanilla and sandalwood  The rich dark scent had me instantly dreaming of long summer evenings and cheeky first dates. 

The perfume is the real star of this product, but the lip gloss is a lovely added bonus, making this due a perfect treat for your purse. The lip gloss is a purple toned rosy pink with a silvery shimmer, the pigmentation isn't great, but I think it makes this due more useable on an every day basis and for quick touch ups. The product is a little tacky, but seemed to last a good amount of time on me. I also smells devine - bonus!

I love this product, and will certainly be on the look out for the full sized La Fleur scent when the summer rolls around again. I loved this product so much that I picked up a couple for gifts to for friends, and for only £9.99, could you say no?!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur Eau De Toilette Spray 75m

Body Shop - Ginger Sparkle Christmas Gift set: Review.

Body Shop: Ginger Sparkle Gift Set 

In my opinion, The body shop outdid themselves this year with their Christmas collection. Focusing on 3 main festive scents, Ginger, Vanilla and Cranberry. Nothing smelt more like Christmas than their store during the Christmas Shopping rush. I resisted the temptation to endulge myself and rather focused on my loved ones, I hadn't purchased any of this exciting collection for myself. 

I was overjoyed on the receipt of this  beautifully packaged gift from a very close friend who obvously knows me well. Combining my love for beauty cosmetics and gingerbread house construction. 

The set includes; Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel 250ml, Ginger Sparkle Body polish 75ml, Ginger Sparkle Body butter 50ml and Ginger Sparkle Soap bar 40g. All packaged up in a oversized gingerbread man shaped tin (Tins are always useful).

Firstly, I must mention the overwhelming smell that leaks from the tin, before even opening it! A gorgeously rich and sugary ginger scent fills the air.  Secondly, the size of the products is fantastic for a gift set, where you normally only received a tester sized product! I'm impressed.

I've only had the chance to enjoy the Body Polish, which I used this morning and can still smell on my skin, keeping my festive spirit alive! The only disappointment was that it didn't include the Ginger Sparkle hand cream. I'm a bit of a Hand cream addict. However their SALES have just started, so I may have to go and pick up one myself. 


The perks of being a WallFlower...

On loan from a co-worker, The Perks of being a WallFlower was the 11th book in my 1-book-a-month resolution for 2012. 

A quick and easy read which follows Charlie's first year of High school via a series of letters, addressed to you, the reader. 

Overall it's not exactly a happy story, but follows Charlie's experience of not being in the 'popular' crowd, and experiencing  parties, drinking, smoking, drugs and girls all in an attempt to 'participate' in life. 

If you're looking for an easy and mindless read about the trials of High School love and drama, then give this one ago. Or just watch the movie;  have not seen it yet, (as I'm adamant to read books before seeing films) but I plan to do so soon. 

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas. 

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

I'm finally home for the Holidays and I'm loving every moment of the fest build up to the big day. Decorating, baking, seeing friends and eating a lot of Chocolate! Although this season nothing makes me feel more festive that this little treat. 

Cherries on Snow is by far my favourite festive scent of Yankee Candle. Described as; 'An enchanted, sparkling blend of bright, juicy cherries with sweet almonds and an icy freshness.' What more can you want? This baby fills my room with a rich sweet and spicy which lingers for hours after burning. I'm in love. I want more! 

Whats your favourite Festive candle scent?

17 - Lasting Fix Lipstick - SHOWCASE

I've been completely and utterly seduced this season by the red lip. Those frosty evenings with sultry smokey eyes and that enticing crimson smile, and those fresh faces days with that pop of festive cheer. I'm in love. There are 3 favourites I keep reaching for these season, So I figured I'd follow the Red Lip Loving bloggers before you and share my goodies...

First up is 17's Lasting Fix Lipstick in shade SHOWCASE. A great dupe for MAC's Russian Red in my opinion this lipstick ticks the boxes for me. A beautiful cherry red, with a gorgeous glossy finnish, and as the name suggests... this baby really lasts. And under £5!!

Indulge yourself this Christmas time... 
ClaireRebecca. x

Winter curls.

Recently I've been loving wearing my hair in loose messy curls, matched with a big cosey knitted jumper and boots! A cute and cosey look for the freeeeeezing winter months! 

Literally takes me 5mins to style my hair, all you need is LOTS of mouse, some velcro rollers, a curling wand and LOTS of hair spray, and voila! 

Peace and love.



It's not always easy to decorate and begin the Christmas festivities whilst living in halls and studying for exams. Yet with another 2weeks before I can head home for Christmas break I'm doing the best I can ....

KIKO: Ultra Glossy Stylo in Apple Blossom

I visited the wonderful place that is Westfield Shopping centre in Sheppards Bush a while back where I wondered into KIKO. If you read my blog you'll already know I'm a MASSIVE fan of KIKO Cosmetics. And I picked up this little beaut.

Ultra Glossy Stylo is a lipstick/lipgloss formation which packs a the perfect amount of pigment. The colour is a beautiful deep rose colour with bluey undertones. A little too dark for everyday - as I find dark lips hard to pull off during the day. But I adore this colour for a sultry night time look. Once again I feel KIKO miss the mark on the naming - 813 Apple Blossom - but I fell in love instantly. 

With the colour comes a gorgeous glossy sheen which makes it perfect for a night out with the girls as you don't have to try and squeeze a gloss into your clutch as well. Wear time is okay - nothing special.

For only £5 and the added bonus of SPF15 this beaut is a winner.

Have you tried KIKO cosmetics yet?
What's your favourite product?


Wish List: August

So I thought I might start a little mini series on thing I'm lusting after during the month. As this month is financially very tight for me (Hurry up student loans!) I needed to find an outlet for these cravings rather than handing over the dosh. 

I've been looking for a handbag for over a year now - YES OVER A YEAR! A very long time, but I'm the kind of person who will wait out till I find 'perfection' rather than waste me monies on something kinda-okay. However it always seems that I find 'perfection' when I have zero funds. 

But here's what I'm drooling over currently....

Combined Shopper 
Zara UK .  Black .  £39.99
(Available in Red - amazing)

Boston Micro
C√ČLINE . Black/Tan . £???
( Available in every colour imaginable )
N.B - I cant seem to locate a genuine GBP price or retailer online in the UK - Rumours that it's available from Harrods and Harvey Nicks - but I've found some pretty good replicas around the £200 mark)

What are you lusting after this month?

Next - Eau De Nude: A Review

I'm a massive fan of high street store's own fragrance. If you pick carefully, you can find some gorgeous fragrances in a 'pop-in-your-handbag' size bottle for a very agreeable price! Previously I've picked up a couple of gems from Zara, So it's worth a look. 

So wondering round NEXT today, I picked up this beaut. 

Eau Du Nude
'An enticing blend of lush red fruits, voluptuous florals, powdery musks and sumptuous vanilla'

To me it's and irresistible sugar-rush of flavours, with musky undertones - very reminiscent of Chanel No.5. 
And £6.50 for 30ml this little baby will be living in my purse.


John Freda Go Blonder - Shampoo and Conditioner: A Review.

This product has received loads mixed reviews from beauty bloggers from ages; ranging from best product ever to skin breakouts and hair destroying! But curious as ever, I decided I needed to trying. I'm constantly trying to lighten my bleached hair - as it's NEVER EVER blonde enough (my hairdresser disagrees) and with a Boots 3 for £10 on hair care I couldn't resist. 

Initially I saw vast improvements in the colour of my hair, it was brightened from the first wash - I was amazed. However, I found using this product every wash did nothing to improve the colour, even perhaps a counter effect. I switched to using it every few washes and the benefits were much more obvious! 

I also found using this product every wash made my hair dry and brittle feeling, even after a smothering with the conditioner. 

Despite the first obvious improvement in colour, I was pretty disappointed in this product and wont be repurchasing. But with all the mixed reviews, I think its very dependant on the individual. Maybe you should give it a go.... 


My day off via Instagram

* Morning Fitspo before heading to the gym * Catching some rays in the garden * Strawberry Picking with my Bestie * Homemade Low-Fat strawberry Cheesecake * 

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Toni & Guy - Glamour Serum Drops: A Review

With all this hot weather my hair can't cope! Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining - however I have taken a dislike to the mad frizzy mess my hair can end up in during the summer months. To combat the unwelcome frizz I use Toni & Guy Glamour Serum drops. 

The product promises to provide a healthy shine and an Anti- Frizz action. It works a treat at keeping my ends under control in this heat. However I'm not sure I've really noticed any added shine to my hair, but it does make my hair feel gorgeously soft and 'stroke-able'. The product is a clear serum with Toni & Guy's trade mark salon smell which I adore. I simply use two pumps of product and rub it through the lengths of dry hair - and thats it :) 

I would definitely repurchase! 

St. Moriz. Instant Self Tanning Mousse: A Review

Over the last few months I've been exploring different tanning methods, some to more avail than others. So I've been on the look out for different tanners when I've been out and about. I spotted St. Moriz Instant self tanning mouse in Tesco some weeks back, and remembered reading a review on Bonjour.beaut's blog (Read Review here), and thought I would give it a whirl. 

Overall this product has given me great results, satisfying my craving for instantly golden skin! The product it self is of light textured mouse which is blended on to the skin for an instant matte tan. 

Application is easy, I've tried both with and without a mit. Without a tanning mit the product did streak at little - not surprisingly really - and gave me ghastly orange hands - which I solved with my Vanish stick trick. But I do recommend using a mitt and applying the product in circular motions.

The product gave me a even deep tan, which I was complemented on heavily - bonus! However, I did find the product dried out my skin after application leaving it feel a little powdery, so I do advise moisturizing after the tanner has dried fully. 

As for staying power, I noticed that the first shower after application did wash away that dry powdery feeling and a little bit of the colour. But overall it the colour lasts about 2-3days before noticeably fading. But of course this will vary on your skin type. I apply every 2-3 days to keep up the depth of colour. 

Overall I would definitely purchase this again, and for only £4.99, who can say no?!

Have you tried St. Moriz?

Slacker part II

What's that? Yes I know, I've been a terrible person and have neglected my blog for far too long. Apologies for this, life seems to have run away with me this month, I dont seem to have done anything but work, train and sleep. My bank balance and my waist line may have benefitted but my GlitterView has sadly suffered. 

I'm currently staying at my Parent's place for a few days and lacking in the camera department. So please forgive my *stolen* photographs for the next few posts. But I do have some products im dying to review for you in the next few days. I'm excited to get blogging again! 

If you follow me on instagram you would of seen that I got to meet an Olympic Torch bearer and hold the torch at work the other day. I look so proud! 

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So I'm climbing a mountain...

As I'm sure you're aware, from my recent blog posts, I've been training to get fit and healthy for the summer. As you might not be aware my efforts aren't completely in aid of that coveted bikini body. In fact, I'm in training for a Charity Challenge, which is sure to be the toughest thing I've ever done!

In September I will leave London Heathrow and head towards Morocco where I will take part in a 5day Trek from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains before climbing to the summit of Toubkal. These 5 days will consist of between 7-10 hours of trekking, and on Summit day I will climb to 4167m above sea level. 

Why do this you ask? The Charity I have chosen to support it Water aid. There are many reasons why this Charity is such a worth while organisation to support and I chose them for many reasons. One reason is - I looked at myself, I looked at my life, all the 'stuff' I have, make up, clothes all included. And It's all just the frills. Survival is food and water. And that is something we constantly take for granted.

Something so simple as water, we run a bath, we take a shower, we have a cup of tea, we wash our hair/car/dog and its so easy. But the idea that some people in this would just dont have that luxury. Not in the sense that they can't wash their hair 3times a weeks, but they can't survive. 

In our thriving technological world, we're so advanced in so many things, we over look the simple need of clean safe water. For survival, sustainment and life. 

I'm the worst in this sense, I'm constantly taking for granted what I have, and it's hard not to in the western world. But I decided that I could make a difference. So for 5days, I'm canning my fake lashes and curling iron in exchange for a pair of walking boots and a mountain. 

My goal is to raise £1400 for Water aid before I leave for that Challenge in September, I'm currently just under £1000! Which I AMAZING! I'm so grateful for people's generosity for this cause. I felt compelled to share this with you all, to share my realisation of how much we take for granted. And to perhaps insipre you to take it into your own hands to make a difference. 

Thanks for listening to my somewhat rambled rant.


If you feel you can donate to my Fundraising efforts, please visit:
Thankyou for your generosity. 

Beautiful Breasts.

Yes, I know it's probably not something you read about often on a blog but today I want to talk about Boobs. One of women's deadliest weapons, which deserve to be cared for more than you might think :)

The reason I bring this up is due to my recent decision to kick start my fitness regime. I've been hitting the gym about 2-3 times a weeks and I've been appalled by the number of women I've seen on the treadmill without a good sports bra! 

Now I'm no expert, but I was trained by Eveden lingere group and worked for 3years in a ligere store and have a ton of experience when fitting a good sports bra. So I know what I'm talking about.

Your breasts are delicate and while you're young have that beautiful perkiness, all thanks to Cooper's Ligament. (Yes - my mind goes right to Dr Sheldon Cooper - Which is a little off putting, no?).

Coppers ligament suspends the breast, holding it up in that perky position but if this ligament is damaged, the result is nasty saggy - south pointing breasts. *sad face* A ligament is not a muscle, so once its damaged, It can't be fixed (without surgery), so It's so important to look after it!

Damage will occur due to excessive movement and force, for example that harsh bouncing up and down felt whilst running and other vigorous activity. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to avoid saggy boobs! A compression sports bra is your saviour on this one, and I advise to get one fitted professionally. No, it's not embarrassing, every woman has them, once you've seen one pair, you've seen them all - So no excuses!

The most important thing is to avoid that bouncing sensation, if you feel like your boobs are pinned tight to your chest - you're on the right lines! 

Alternatively Try these sites;
Under Armour 
Less Bounce 

Most of all train hard and look after those boobs!

What kind of sports bra do you use?

#fitnessfreak update

Firstly Apologies for being a little MIA recently, work has been crazy and I've been enjoying having my other half home! :) This week looks just as Crazy, but I hope to get some blogging time squeezed in somewhere! 

I just wanted to give a quick update on my fitness regime. I started slow but to tell you the truth, I'm addicted. I've always been told that once you start working out you hate it, but quickly you get addicted and fall in love with the Gym. I can wholeheartedly say - I'm in love.

My schedule this week was a little crazy;
Monday: I went to a 90min Hot Yoga class with my lover-half. 
Tuesday: I hit the gym for some Cardio
Wednesday: I didn't have time for much, but I managed to squeeze in a quick run in the morning before work.  
Thursday: My only day off work this week - so I made the most of it. I did a Hot Yoga class at lunch time. And went to a circuit training class with a friend in the evening.
Friday : My well earned rest day & date night. Dinner and a movie <3
Saturday : Early morning Vinyassa Yoga class with my lover-half - My first experience of Vinyassa, I wasn't overly keen to be honest.
Sunday : I hit the gym and worked my core, legs, arms and Bum! 

The best thing about it is, I'm not feeling forced to workout, I want to and my body wants to. Lets hope it continues!

Are you getting fit for the summer?

John Frieda - Sheer Blonde - Blonde Hair Repair treatment: A review.

Good morning my lovlies, I hope you are all enjoying the small glimpse of sunshine we're having here in the UK! I thought I'd do a quick review of a product I've been trying out recently; John Frieda's Sheer Blonde - Blonde Hair Repair Conditioning treatment

As I've mentioned in previous blogs I bleach my hair which tends to leave the ends very dry and brittle, So I'm always on the look out for a conditioning product that revives my punished hair.

I've had a great expeience with John Freida's sheer Blonde range in the past so figured I'd give this a go. However I wasn't that impressed by this product. *sad face*

The product clamis to bind to hair to repair textual damage, making distressed hair silky, shiny and supple. Some of this I agree with. After washing the treatment out, my hair does feel a lot more silky and supple (I'm not really sure about shiny) but this feeling sadly doesn't last. I find that a couple hours after the treatment, my hair feels the same as before.

 I've used this product in a number of ways, the 3-5mins in the shower as recommended, and I also tried sleeping with the product on my ends and washing it out in the morning. Either way the visable results are nothing to write home about.

I disagree with the textual damage repair idea too, I didn't find that it did anything to the actualy integrity of my hair, more just an add soft layer on top. However - this might be due to the severity of my damage, and would vary person to person. The main plus to this product has to be the smell, I love the John Frieda 'salon-type' smell, but that's really the only plus of me. I will finish up this tub, but I don't plan on repurchasing it.

Alas, I continue on my quest to find a solution to reviving my used and abuse locks! 

Have you tried any really good hair treatments? 

Hope you're all having a great week.

KIKO Nail Lacqure - Mint Milk: A Review

After discovering Italian Cosmetics brand KIKO on a recent trip to Italy, I've been in awe of their products. See my previous KIKO Haul here. KIKO is available in the UK, however my nearest store is in London and I havent been shopping in London for a while, which is a pain! 

However my gorgeous friend Lauren, whom I was visiting on my prior trip to Italy, brought me this little treat! 

I spotted it on her nails whilst on Skype, So I was delighted when she gifted me with my own bottle! 
The colour is 398 - Mint Milk, which is such an adorable name! However, like many KIKO if find their naming to be a bit off. As this polish in my mind isn't particularly milky.  Instead its a gorgeous minty turquoise colour. 

Mint Milk is a cream polish and only takes a single coat to achieve full opacity (Perfect for someone as impatient as me) , which dries relatively quickly with a lovely glossy sheen.

A perfect shade for those Long summer days in the park. (If they ever arrive!)  

Have you tried any KIKO products? 


Revlon Top Speed Polish - Electric: A Review

I bought Revlon - Top Speed polish to wear to a wedding. My outfit consisted of a white dress, with bright yellow heels and coordination yellow Shall, clutch and accessories. As many of you know yellow is such a hard colour to find in a nail polish, especially in the drug store/High street store.

However, I spotted this polish in colour Electric and thought I'd give it a go for the wedding. Unfortunately I couldn't of been more disappointed with this polish!

The formulation was thin and runny which made it a nightmare to apply. It was patchy and streaky requiring 3 or more coats for opacity. Once dry I found there polish severely lacked luster and looked a bit dull really, which is strange at its a bright yellow colour! I dont feel the product was really true to colour either as on the nails it was more of a washed out yellow than a bright.
And for £6.50 it's not exactly cheap, needless to say I returned it!

Perhaps it was my bottle that was faulty as Revlon overall have a great reputation. What's your experience with Revlon Top speed polish?

Have a great weekend.

Garnier - SummerBody: A review

Good Morning ladies! Following my recent review of  Rimmel Sunshimmer tanner, I've been experimenting with dinnerent tanners.
By far, Garnier - Summer Body is now my go-to tanner.

The product is a thick white cream/gel which absorbs quickly into the skin. I apply the cream in large circular motions to avoid streaking. The cream is very moisturizing and sinks into the skin like a dream.

As well as smelling incredible, after about 3hours, (I normally apply before bed) it turns your skin a gorgeous deep bronze colour, which looks oh-so natural! It's also a very build-able colour, just add another layer each day for deeper richer tan. 

One application lasts about 5days on me, fading from about the 2nd day. But it all depends on your skin and how much you exfoliate. 

I love it so much, I'm on my second bottle! 

A must have for summer!

Whats your favourite gradual tanner?!



Quick update; Despite being very travel sick (yeuk) this morning on my way home to Oxford, I still manage to haul myself to the gym. Keeping in mind I was poorly this morning I didn't want to over do it, so;

I ran 5k beating my previous time by 10mins!
and 30mins elliptical. 

If thats a bad day?! There's only up from here!!

Here's a little fitspo/thinspo to keep you all going :)


Health is Beauty!

As it's finally bikini season, many of us girls are starting to worry about that bikini body which has been hidden by that winter weight!  So instead of sweating about it, Sweat it off! 
This month I'm dedicating myself to this early morning work out to help lose weight and tone up for the beach. 
This workout will increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping ready to attack the day, as well as burning that fat! The strength training portion of this workout will strengthen and tone those long forgotten muscles, to give you a gorgeous defined bod. 

I'm also adding 3x30reps of alternate lunges and 3x10reps of extra squats to target my bum and thighs, as this is my most problematic area!

All together this workout takes me 20mins. I dont think thats asking too much! 

Wish me luck!!

Will you take on this challenge with me? 

A quick one

I popped in to town yesterday with my mumma and picked up a few things, including these babies from H&M. The yellow and gold bracelet works perfectly with my outfit for the wedding this afternoon. At only £4.99 each , I couldn't resist the rose gold one either! 

Elegant yet simple. 
What are you up to this jubilee weekend?

Smiles on Saturday

Just a little something to make you smile today :)

Wedding Prep; Hair & Nails.

It's officially wedding season, and my Sister is getting married tomorrow! Okay so, she's not my real sister, but she might as well be and I couldn't  be more excited! I took the 4hour trip from Oxford to my parents place in Suffolk for the big event.
My outfit has been sorted for a few weeks now, so all that was left was hair and nails! (The best parts!)

As many of you saw in my last Face-Of-The-Day, My roots were so bad I was almost a Brunett!  Something had to be done! A visit to the salon saw the revival of the Blonde girl I'm used to.
However, I only had the highlight on the roots, as I seem to have  destroyed my hair using 'Sun-in' bleach. And my stylist refused to put the bleach through the length of my hair! Whoops. So Please - take my advice, steer clear of that stuff!!  Unless you want seriously destroyed hair. *weeps*

Despite that, I'm happy to be brightened up and highlighted for the summer. I am a blonde once again! Hurrah!

Nails was the next port of call was the nails. My nails are too weak for gels, (even though I know they are less damaging), so I went for acrylics. This is the 3rd set I've had, and nothing can beat it! I can't tell you how good it makes me feel when my nails look perfect and manicured. I went for the classic french acrylics and I love them!

Are you enjoying Wedding season?
I wish all you English folk a happy Jubilee weekend! 

BarryM Lip-Paint: Peachy Pink - A review.

Barry M Lip pain - 147 Peachy Pink.
As mentioned before in my Mini Makeup haul post not long ago, this is my first lip paint. I chose this colour as my lipstick collection is over come with pinks and nudes at the moment and I fancied something a little different. 

The product packaging is a squared black tube which sleek and elegant and looks a lot more expensive than it is! However, the tube is made of that horrible rubbery plastic, much like the NARS products, thus it constantly looks grubby and is easily scratched.

The formulation of the product is a little dry and cakey for my liking, so I apply it over a lip balm to prevent it from drying out my lips. However, I'm willing to over look this due to it's amazing pigmentation and awesome staying power. Even after eating and drinking, it wont budge! The lipstick aplies with a matte finish, but has photoed with a sheen due to the lip balm base, which I personally prefer. 

I think this is a perfect shade to add a pop of colour to any look. And will look awesome when I eventually get a tan this summer.

A big thumbs- up from me! 

What do you think of Barry M Lip paints?